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Let him see to it that he sin no more, that the sentence of the Gospel may abide in him: Go, and sin no more. Of marriages among blood-relations, and of those who are born of them; and of accusations which the laws reject. Afford them the utmost assistance by word and deed, that you may be found His true disciples , who enjoined all to love the brethren as themselves. But the Lord shall cut off all deceitful lips, and the tongue that speaks proud things; who have said, Our lips are our own; who is Lord over us? Later, she moved to a more modern advocacy approach, using adversarial legal methods to fight for consumer protections. Whence the sacred Scripture says well: Do not that to another which you would not have done to yourself.

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Mannon, Bethany Ober The field of narrative medicine holds that personal narratives about illness have the potential to give illness meaning and to create order out of disparate facets of experience, thereby aiding a patient's treatment and resisting universalizing medical discourse. These writers demonstrate that one result of bipolar disorder is a rupture to their sense of identity, making straightforward and verbal forms of narrative impossible.

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During periods of relative mood stability, reliable memories of mania or depression are equally impossible. As a result, these memoirists seek to develop sources of self-knowledge other than memory and introspection, long the foundations of personal narrative.

Finally, An Unquiet Mind and Marbles return attention to questions of selfhood at a time when scholarship on memoir rejects interpretations of life stories Cool valu slanders clear and reliable expressions of identity.

Food and Drug Administration's standard of identity for peanut butter as a site for investigating three topics of high importance for historians of technology, consumption, and food activism: how new industrial food-processing technologies have become regulatory problems; how government, industry, and consumer actors negotiate standards development; and how laypeople try to shape technological artifacts in spaces dominated by experts.

It examines the trajectory of consumer activist Ruth Desmond, co-founder of the organization the Federation of Homemakers. By following Desmond's evolving strategies, the article shows how the broader currents of the ss consumer movement played out in a particular case.

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Initially Desmond used a traditional style that heavily emphasized her gendered identity, working within a grassroots organization to promote legislative and regulatory reforms. Later, she moved to a more modern advocacy approach, using adversarial legal methods to fight for consumer protections.

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