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After the cost of starting a company was reduced dramatically by AWS, innovation exploded and the modern VC ecosystem was born. Maybe, if they’re the right kind of masks. But they don’t, or they don’t believe it, or they don’t know what to do with the information. Capex was massively reduced overnight. How about masks? Need ripsmed on lihtsalt nii ilusad.

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  • Тогда я решила, что серебряный цилиндр, вшитый ей под кожу, был чем-то вроде инвентарного номера.

He doesn’t know when it’s coming, or how bad it will be. But Dr. Michael Osterholm, one of the world’s foremost infectious disease experts, believes a flu pandemic is inevitable. And to hear him tell it, we’re nowhere near ready.

By Tim Gihring Published April pikk hästikirjutatud artikkel Osterholmist, aga Kui dries-ups rõhutaks üht lõiku poliitikute isiklikust vastutusest Last November, Osterholm spoke at a pandemic flu preparedness seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and aimed at local businesses. Osterholm was asked his opinion of the federal government’s commitment to preparedness. He mulled the question so long it seemed he might not answer.

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Finally, he did. And then he laid into politicians who’ve paid lip service to pandemic preparedness but done nothing. In other words, a sweeping, klieg-lighted investigation into everything that went wrong during the Great Influenza Pandemic of –. Vaccines are unavailable. Borders are closed, supply lines shut down.

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Victims huddle on cots in the Metrodome. Doctors and nurses are too scared to come to work. Bodies are piling up in the streets. This isn’t the latest Steven Spielberg thriller; it isn’t the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. It’s the flu. And former state epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm, for one, believes this scenario could easily become reality. But most people don’t know that pandemics—diseases that spread across large swaths of geography and population—are as inevitable as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis.

Some people, such as government officials and business leaders who might mitigate a crisis, should know this. But they don’t, or they don’t believe it, or they don’t know what to do with the information. Not all of them, anyway.

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Not yet. Osterholm believes H5N1 is “a like virus. Then, Osterholm says, we’ll be updating the death toll not monthly, as we are now in Asia, but by the minute.


On Oprah, Osterholm is asked how regular folks can prepare for the flu. Stockpile food? Certainly, he says. How about masks? Maybe, if they’re the right kind of masks. Think about what you’ll do, where you’ll go, how you’ll work under pandemic conditions, Osterholm counsels.

And beyond that, push, as he is, for a more robust public health system. The one thing you can’t do, he says, is hope it won’t happen.

Viited headele tekstidele, mis internetis Kuu: jaanuar Dan Rose Twitteris I was at Amzn in when the internet bubble popped. Inbrand new Sun servers started appearing on eBay for 10 cents on the dollar as VC-backed start-ups went out of business this was pre-AWS when you had to roll your own datacenter. Amzn could have negotiated a better deal with Sun, but Jeff chose a more radical approach.

UC Berkeley required students and faculty to wear masks, creating an eerie atmosphere on campus and more than a little identity confusion. The flu pandemic profoundly affected the East Bay. As the virus swept the world, killing 40 million to Kui dries-ups million people and making many others gravely ill, local residents hunkered down, isolating themselves in often-vain attempts to prevent the virus' spread. The Richmond city health officer closed schools, pool rooms and bowling alleys "until further notice.

Livermore leaders encouraged residents to avoid public gatherings, including church services, notes historian Gary Drummond in an article on the pandemic. Attendance at funerals was limited to family members. In Martinez, the Shell Oil Company converted its old mess hall into a temporary hospital for employees.

Workers who fell ill had to present a doctor's certificate verifying their recovery before they could come back inside the refinery gates.

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Many cities aggressively enforced mask requirements. Oakland created a person special police force to crack down on its residents, notes Rex Kui dries-ups in an Kui dries-ups for the Chronicle of the University of California.

Two Kui dries-ups after Berkeley's mask ordinance took effect, authorities arrested men and four women "mask slackers. Fears of the virus extended to weddings.

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On Oct. To protect the city, the university quarantined the SATC students, banning them from leaving campus. As the virus spread throughout the university, halls and gyms became infirmaries for hundreds of ill students.

Classes continued, but with many empty seats.

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The UC Berkeley president recommended a moratorium on new class assignments for 10 days to prevent large numbers of students from falling behind. The demand for masks exceeded supply.

One student, writing in the UC Berkeley campus newspaper, remarked on the anonymity of those who wore masks.

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No doubt several unintentional 'snubs' were given and probably some may have thought a wildly democratic fever had suddenly seized every member of the university. Few of us stopped to consider the serious side of the order issued to wear masks.

Why to bioattacks present special challenges Kui dries-ups high-stakes decisions for leaders? A deliberate epidemic poses compounded, unfamiliar dangers in today's setting.

Most elected U. Even less familiar is the premeditated use of disease as a weapon. Leaders and the public may deny that a problem exists, or intervene too quickly without regard to the negative effects of their actions. The nature of a disease, a population's vitality, and the responsiveness of health institutions affect how an epidemic unfolds.

Case studiesKui dries-ups about SARS ElusiveAnthrax Evades Easy Answers A mysterious disease can trigger the human reflex to isolate oneself and blame others for the tragedy or, in deep contrast, to care Kui dries-ups victims without regard to one's own safety.

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Case Study Posted by Sue at Permalink Comments 0 juhtimisest ja usaldusest kriisiolukorras How to Lead during Bioattacks with the Public's Trust and Help What situations splinter the social trust necessary to cope with health crises, and how might they be defused?

Breaches of social trust are a common predicament for leaders during outbreaks and are likely to arise during a bioattack. Social and economic fault lines as well as preconceived notions about "the government," "the public," and "the media" can alienate leaders and the public, and community members from Kui dries-ups another.

Do not withhold information because you think people will panic.

He doesn’t know when it’s coming, or how bad it will be. But Dr. Michael Osterholm, one of the world’s foremost infectious disease experts, believes a flu pandemic is inevitable. And to hear him tell it, we’re nowhere near ready.

Creative coping is the norm; panic is the exception. Answering questions is not a distraction from managing the crisis; it is managing the crisis.

Refine your outreach efforts; the current ones may not be working. Mix high-tech outreach internet, cable, network, print, radio, cell phone, automated hotlines with Harp valud through grassroots leaders.

Posted by Sue at Permalink Comments 0 Envoy 24 March International officials are issuing warnings about preparedness because the avian influenza epidemic among animals could evolve into a human influenza pandemic. With an eye toward that potential crisis, Nabarro also discussed the need Kui dries-ups governments to develop contingency plans for maintaining continuity of government as well as the rule of law. See related article. According to Nabarro, avian influenza has spread to 20 countries during the last six weeks alone and has recently moved into the Gaza Strip as well as settlements in the West Bank.

David Nabarro - U. Does anyone Kui dries-ups exactly what its origin is? Old Norse 'huka' means to squat.

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Modern Dutch 'huiken' and German 'hocken,' meaning to squat or crouch. The word is popular in American English, in phrases like 'hunker down' or 'on your hunkers. Hunker down has also taken on the sense of to hide, hide out, or take shelter, whatever position you choose to do it in.

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This was a south-western US dialect form that was popularised by President Johnson in the mid s. Despite its Scots ancestry, hunker is rare in standard British English. Influenza