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Centenario y , P. Sügav kaastunne Prof. He contributed greatly to universities both in Estonia and internationally. I think it's four. What are the requirements for control?

Akemann, G.

Akemann, G. The eigenvalue distribution in this model is expressed in terms of Laguerre polynomials in the complex plane. These Smart Spin Hurt orthogonal with respect to a non-Gaussian weight including a modified Bessel function of the second Smart Spin Hurt, and we give an elementary proof for this.

In the large n limit, the eigenvalue statistics at the spectral edge close to the real axis are described by the same family of kernels interpolating between Airy and Poisson that was recently found by one of the authors for the elliptic Ginibre ensemble.

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We conclude that this scaling limit is universal, appearing for two different non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles with unitary symmetry. As a second result we give an equivalent form for the interpolating Airy kernel in terms of a single real integral, similar to representations for the asymptotic kernel in the bulk and at the hard edge of the spectrum.

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This makes its structure as a one-parameter deformation of the Airy kernel more transparent. Centenario yP.

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Box 3, Gonnet, La Plata, Pcia. The realization of such field often requires high numerical aperture NA objective lens and the transmission masks. We demonstrate an ultralong needle-like focus in the optical range produced with an ordinary lens.

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This is achieved by focusing a symmetric Airy beam SAB generated via binary spectral modulation with a digital micromirror device. Such amplitude modulation technique is able to shape traditional Airy beams, SABs, as well as the dynamic transition modes between the one-dimensional and two-dimensional 2D symmetric Airy modes. The created 2D SAB was characterized through measurement of the propagating fields with one of the four main lobes blocked by an opaque mask.

The 2D SAB was verified to exhibit self-healing property against propagation with the obstructed major lobe reconstructed after a certain distance.

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We further produced an elongated focal line by concentrating the SAB via lenses with different NAs and achieved an ultralong longitudinal needle focus. The produced long needle focus will be applied in optical, chemical, and biological sciences.

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