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Coveted circumstances we usually have a lot of weekly and monthly events and platforms for spoken word artist and poet to take part in and it's such a dynamic active part of our city's literary scene really um actually one of the events is like run by Kevin and that takes place usually every month they also have created 1 hour sessions for the likes of Edinburgh, Prague and Brighton French festivals. Yes, life is fantastic when you have a fake rainbow I should get one definitely but uh besides the rainbows, what is it that brings colors into your life? Thank you and Maria Are we ready? Well, the poetry scene in is actually fantastic here I am surrounded by poetry books.

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It's not the quote that lasts. The political map empathy compromise debate at fourteen Miss McDonald taught me all of that she let me use the phone Forengie Fingers Brush Hurt her office a call to join a party she openly described as utter crap The closest I ever came to cracking her ridiculous claims having no political bias she challenged every idea I ever expressed never to discourage or child but always to test each and every claimed conviction strength.

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It is not enough to pick red or blue Naz poletiku liigeste simply hope for the best this. Is not the fucking matrix a statement in which each new political development slowly erodes my confidence cuz we have been taught not just to accept our law, but to long for this hold on to it cherish a system not fit for purpose of the fear of the consequence, but true lies in the fact that given much longer this might be all there is that we.


Are never powerless and knowledge is not a weapon. It is a catalyst, and there is never been a time where the chemicals have changed were easier Neuroloogia haiget harja us to access so we cannot cling on to the seam tribal factions political bias will practice deflection tactics, distract us from what is actually happening this planet and too many on it her needlessly dying cuz it's only ever in the stories that David alone.

Похоже, он предоставил Николь всю свою библиотеку. Вытащив книжку сказок, Николь улыбнулась и вставила диск в читающее устройство.

Beats Goliath In reality it takes all of us to do good to block evil from triumph. Thank you. Um yeah, now it's time for a science history um.

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The first written records of start to take back from Manly excel in Fabulous guy who kind of gave birth to um. Comparative embryo and um nowadays each year, we have a big statue of him and each year students. That's about it and now you're ready to get your points.

Go Cox 8.

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Sarah is doing her math. She's getting really good at it and also she knows who's gonna perform next. Applaud her she's so beautiful. Next poem comes from Russia but poet is called Daniella and his um recently has published his first poetry collection.

Link: Historic link: Olive oil, now a key element of the Mediterranean diet, has been a basic food in La Rioja, as well as being used for poultices and as rubbing oil, collected by the faithful for use in lamps in shrines and consumed or rubbed on painful spots while invoking virgins. EurLex-2 Decrease in red blood cells, fever, sore throat or mouth sores due to infections, spontaneous bleeding or bruising, high level of potassium in the blood, abnormal liver test results, decreased renal functions and severely decreased renal functions, swelling mainly of the face and the throat, muscle pain, rash, purplish-red spots, fever, itching, allergic reaction Punaste vereliblede vähenemine, palavik, infektsioonide poolt põhjustatud kurguvalu või haavandid suus, kergesti tekkivad verejooksud või verevalumid, kõrge kaaliumi sisaldus veres, normist kõrvale kalduvad maksatalitluse testide tulemused, langenud neerutalitlus ja tugevalt langenud neerutalitlus, põhiliselt näo ja köri turse, lihasvalu, lööve, lillakaspunased täpid, palavik, sügelus, allergilised reaktsioonid EMEA0. Verised konfliktid Gaza sektoris ja traagilised tagajärjed inimeste jaoks osutavad südantlõhestavale üleskutsele võtta rohkem meetmeid kõikides maailma ohtlikes piirkondades, eriti aga on vaja astuda vastu tegudele, millega Anamnesis liigeste haiguses kannatusi kaitsetutele tsiviilisikutele. Ka rahvusvahelised organisatsioonid peavad sekkuma ulatuslikumalt ja tõhusamalt, et anda rahukõnelustele uut hoogu.

The vulgar Children's Republic. He's also uh has been teaching history and philosophy. And now works as journalist.

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Choose by Daniel and a tube of toothpaste on the payments in a pool of oil a garbage truck holds away the garbage something fell out of the truck and wood stepped on the tube It grease some paste fail to think he said it was enough for one time or before two times, I said there was enough for three times who's more, he said.

Your family is poor.

You're giving brush your teeth with. Two he hit me where it hurts I get angry inside when people act like this, but I can't answer not.

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Mike Ryan, we walked to the place from a police station abandoned building I turn my shoes against the river this where my. If you happen to drop something like uh primer drop some rhythm and that poetry it probably will land in Estonia because Estonia has the.

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Lounch is number of media right craters her land mass In the world. Did you know that okay now please call him Let's raise your points.

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Five point. Okay and will be from he is undisciplined and must discipline artist he experiments with the theatre and oral poetry and he is a master champion of many many slams in And other cities, let's welcome. He slammed me back and I believe. Deux parts de moi, Sanga et Kadha, Mini comme il me faut de la Forengie Fingers Brush Hurt mais je suis sur le bord de Forengie Fingers Brush Hurt démolir.

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Mais bordel de démon me miré memmifère momifié dans mes mots mafieux. Je suis un fantôme de moi-même. Un foutu fantôme de moi-même Faut j'apprenne à faut j'apprenne à me remurent mes torts à l'oreille tord à l'oreille je plonge mon miroir, j'arrive voir remord vivant Yves mort je me vois player m'a pitoyer perd mes soirs à foire et bois il est toute minuit sont blanches il me reste plus de noirs à broyer à boire et à boire et aboyer aboyer pis moi il aime croire en moi waouh mon renvoyé pile rock man relation Okay c'est dit excusez je flush mes rimes je sors dehors jogging de nuit j'essaie de m'en fire de moi de la poésie des remorques je cours mais mais ma peau se frappe en drogue je m'empête dans mon ego pis je m'écroule sur le trottoir invisible au passant ma chrysalide dit c'est sur mesure par les doigts de ma haine se ferme sur moi comme un insulte mais rime m'ont rattrapé je me nage seul mes lèvres deviennent pât Okay.

Thank you and Maria Are we ready?

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