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Chill out in the media lounge for a board game, book, or movie. Our retreat can comfortably sleep up to 15 people in the 2 units on site. Take our record player for a spin and explore our record collection in the main house den. We love cooking so it has literally everything! Directly off the dining room is the side yard that is fenced in and a great space for the kids to safely play within ears reach. This is where our telescope lives, but is for all to enjoy.

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Vernetson, W. All of these items were selected recognizing the objectives of the University Reactor Instrumentation Program to respond to the widespread needs in the academic reactor community for modernization and improvement of research and training reactor facilities, especially at large and diverse institutions such as the University of Florida.

These needs have been particularly pressing at the UFTR which is the only such research and training reactor in the State of Florida which is undergoing rapid growth in a variety of technical areas. As indicated in Table 2, the first item is a security system control panel with associated wiring and detectors. The existing system is over 30 years old and has been the subject of repeated maintenance over the past 5 years.

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Some of its detection devices are no longer replaceable from stock. Modifications made many years ago make troubleshooting some parts of the system such as the backup battery charging subsystem essentially impossible, further increasing maintenance frequency to replace batteries.

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Currently, various parts of the system cable trays remain open for maintenance access further degrading facility Spin Sore Bottom. In light of relicensing plans, this item is also a key consideration for housekeeping appearance considerations.

Replacement of this system was expected to save up to 5 days of maintenance per year, decrease security alarm response.